How good is your Movie Knowledge?

Seeing this actually inspired me to make a post on – I think you’ll enjoy this.

MoPapparani on YouTube posted a video called “250 Introductions of 185 People, Groups, & Things” which he describes as a tribute to the all people, groups, and things in film who dare to let themselves be known to all, immortalized in this collection of introductions.

This makes a great game, either for yourself or with a group of friends – try it out.

How many films do you recognize in the following video?

Trying it myself it is surprising how many films I recognize but couldn’t remember the name of…

MoPapparani has the list of answers on his YouTube page and blog, so I will not spoil it by putting here.

How did you do?

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Welcome to

Or welcome back if you were a member of all those years ago. We’re back and were going to looking for the best videos, best video lists and top 10 best videos of all shapes and sizes. Or maybe Top 11 or Top 9, in fact if the video is classy enough to be in the top lists then is is good enough for here.

We will build this site back up to do even better than we had before, it’s going to be great. Well, we just hope its interesting to be truthful. We want to save you time trawling the video sites to pick out the ones that are worth seeing. We would quite like to go into how to make your own videos too but we’ll get some good content on here first.

If you have any suggestions for any video lists or video charts that will entertain our browsers then you are most welcome to join in. Maybe you have created some of your own or you just enjoy watching a good vid, we hope we fill your visual needs.

So let’s get started…

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